What is Latent learning?

According to Soderstrom and Bjork, latent learning refers to “learning that occurs in the absence of any obvious reinforcement or noticeable behavioural changes” (Soderstrom and Bjork, 2015 p177). Most often associated with the work of Edward Tolman in the 1930s, latent learning is viewed as hidden (or behaviourally silent) because it is only when reinforcementContinue reading What is Latent learning?

What is Working Memory?

The answer to this question is both very simple and incredibly complex. Simple because it’s very straightforward to demonstrate working memory in action; complex because to fully grasp the nature of working memory we really need to understand how it’s related to other types of memory. Let us then get the easy explanation out ofContinue reading What is Working Memory?

Resources & Ebooks

I’ve added eBooks to the resources page. Resources are free but I’d really appreciate a mention if you use them – many of them take quite a long time to compile and it’s always great to know that people are finding them useful. All I really ask is that you don’t sell them. It’s REALLYContinue reading Resources & Ebooks

Belief and Action: Revisiting Mindsets

Any discussion surrounding the creation of some kind of learning identity can often take a backseat in favour of other aspects of the learning process. Certainly, the other aspects are more than suitable topics of discussion and I would never deny the importance of memory and other cognitive processes.