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I’ve added eBooks to the resources page. Resources are free but I’d really appreciate a mention if you use them – many of them take quite a long time to compile and it’s always great to know that people are finding them useful. All I really ask is that you don’t sell them.

It’s REALLY nice when people buy me a coffee now and again (link in the sidebar).

So far there is only one eBook on goal setting and pursuit but I hope to add more over the coming months. They are shorter than your average book (usually around 20,000 to 30,000 words, or around 100 pages) but still take time to research and write. Three formats are available – Kindle, ePub (for Kobo, iBooks and most other eReaders) and PDF.

eBooks are offered on a pay what you want basis through the PayPal link. If you don’t think it’s worth paying for, then don’t pay – it’s as simple as that. This means you can download it, read it and then decide if it’s worth paying something for. Feedback is (almost) always appreciated.

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Finally, if it’s your first time here, Hi, I hope you find it all interesting and useful. If you’re a regular, Thanks so much for your continued support.


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