Why Goals Matter

I’ve discussed goals in the past, from the relationship between goals and emotions to the use of incremental goals (or personal bests). What I haven’t really discussed are the nut and bolts of goals, such as how we choose them and go about tackling them. Hopefully, I’ll be able to clarify some of these pointsContinue reading Why Goals Matter

Positive Psychology: Past, Present and Future

Positive Psychology essentially deals with human happiness. It’s  a movement that grew out of Martin Seligman’s 1998 presidential address to the American Psychological Association. Seligman, a world-renowned psychologist who was instrumental in the discovery of learned helplessness, suggested that psychology needed to shift its emphasis from the negative aspects of the human condition to areasContinue reading Positive Psychology: Past, Present and Future

Making Memories

How does our brain go about making memories? And where are such memories kept for later retrieval?

Five Principles of Academic Buoyancy

1. What is Academic Buoyancy? Academic buoyancy is the ability to successfully deal with academic setbacks and challenges that are typical of the ordinary course of school life (e.g. poor grades, competing deadlines, exam pressure, difficult schoolwork)

5 Psychology Reads

Five psychology books I have enjoyed. There are many others, of course, and this list is in no particular order.