Becoming Buoyant

Exciting news! Becoming Buoyant: Helping Teachers and Students Cope with the Day to Day is due for publication next month (July 2020). It’s taken me about five years to write this, indeed, I began investigating resilience well before I began writing The Emotional Learner.

If you’re a regular visitor to the this site or you’ve followed me on Twitter for the past decade or so, you’re probably aware that I’m not too keen on the term resilience. For this reason I tend to use the term buoyancy (or, more specifically, academic buoyancy) to describe the low level yet subjectively important niggles and setbacks that impact the daily lives of students. Yet these same niggles are often also the ones that affect teachers (hence the addition of teachers in the title).

The book draws on the original 5Cs of academic buoyancy and adds community to the mix (for reasons I explain here). It combines elements of cognitive, social and behavioural psychology as well as personality theory and behavioural economics to create a wide-ranging picture of how and why some people cope so well with setbacks and others struggle. The emphasis is both on research & theory and practical application in the form of study skills, planning and deeper psychological change through the use of specific strategies.

If would like to read a sample chapter, you can find one here.

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